Maternal ancestors on my father's tree in America

NOTE:  The area of Chickasaw Nation where some of these folks lived is now in Marshall Co., OK.  "IT" stands for Indian Territory.  Oklahoma was created as a state in November 1907.

aft = after; bef = before; c = circa (about); d = died

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my great-grandparents (4th generation)

10. RAGSDALE, John Samuel [23 Dec 1853 Franklin Co., IL or Union Co., KY - 24 Jan 1923 near Van Alstyne in Grayson Co., TX] married first 31 Jul 1875 in Perry Co., IL to
11. ARTERBERRY, Catherine Belle "Kate" [8 Jan 1858 Jackson Co., TN - 23 Nov 1889 Lebanon, Chickasaw Nation, IT (Marshall Co., OK)].  Nine children:  Thomas Edward, Elizabeth "Lizzie" CORLEY, Annie, Nancy Jane "Nannie" DEWBRE, Mary, Susie Anna "Sue" DOCKREY, Katie Belle RAGSDALE, Rosetta and Lillie Lee.

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my great-great-grandparents (5th generation)

20. RAGSDALE, Abishalom [c1823 Union Co., KY - 1890 Union Co., KY] married first 10 Feb 1846 in Gallatin Co., KY to
21. SNEED, Elizabeth [c1825 VA - c1856-60 (bef 1860 census) (Union Co.?) KY or (Franklin Co.?) IL].  Known children:  James E., Mary J., Lucy, Earnest / Ernest, John Samuel and perhaps Elvina W.

22. ARTERBERRY, Bennett [Jan 1831 Jackson Co., TN - 9 Oct 1900 near Lebanon, Chickasaw Nation, IT (Marshall Co., OK)] married first c1850-54 in Jackson Co., TN to
23. HUDSON, Cordelia Caroline (or Caroline Cordelia) [15 Mar 1832 TN - 16 Jan 1886 Chickasaw Nation, IT (OK)].  Ten children:  James Franklin "Frank," Nancy Jane "Nannie" BURK, Catherine Belle "Kate" RAGSDALE, Alexander L., Joseph S., Bennett, Hiram Newton, Wiley Thomas, B. Howard and John S.

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my great-great-great-grandparents (6th generation)

40. RAGSDALE, Gabriel [c1799 or earlier - 1824 Union Co., KY] married 10 Apr 1822 in Gallatin Co., IL to
41. CURRY, Mary [c1801 KY - 1851 Union Co., KY].  One child: Abishalom.  She married second to Samuel BROWN.

42. SNEED, James R. [c1784-98 (likely mid 1790s) VA - 7 Dec 1864 Franklin Co., IL] married 4 May 1816 in Nelson Co., VA to
43. HATTER, Lucy [c1798-1800 (Amherst Co.) VA - Jul 1886 Franklin Co., IL].  Known children:  James Madison, Eldridge, Elizabeth RAGSDALE, Mary Jane LASSWELL, Hannah, Josephine LASWELL CLARK, Alexander L., Hester A., Sarah and Adaline HAYES.

44. ARTERBERRY, Moses [c1780-84 Chester Co., SC - aft 1840 Jackson Co., TN census] was suggested by other researchers as the father of (#22) Bennett ARTERBERRY, but my research seems to indicate that Moses might be Bennett's grandfather.  Moses may have been married twice, wives' names unknown (some researchers said his wife was Mary ALEXANDER).  He was the son of Nathan ATTERBURY and Patsy / Patty ______, and grandson of William ATTERBURY and Sarah ______.  Further research and proof on the relationship between Bennett and Moses is needed before adding these generations to the chart.

46. HUDSON, Oliver P. [c1810 NC - aft 1850 Jackson Co., TN census] married c1832 (in TN?) to
47. ______, Eliza [c1812 SC - aft 1850 Jackson Co., TN census].  Known children: Cordelia Caroline (or Caroline Cordelia) ARTERBERRY, Washington, Mahala, Sarah J./I. and Polly.

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my great-great-great-great-grandparents (7th generation)

80. RAGSDALE, Anthony, strongly believed to be father of (#40) Gabriel RAGSDALE, [c1773 or earlier (VA) - c1814 Union Co., KY] married 3 Oct 1793 in Mecklenburg Co., VA to
81. WELLS, Anne / Nancy [c1773-77 VA - c1810-14 KY].  Known child: Gabriel.

82. CURRY, Robert [c1765 or earlier - c1829 Union Co., KY] married by 1801 to
83. ______, Elizabeth [c1765-70 - c1840-41 Union Co., KY].  Known children: Mary RAGSDALE BROWN, William, Robert (Jr.), James M., Alexander, John and Andrew Jackson.

84. SNEED, Randolph [c1770-1775 - aft 1840 Nelson Co., VA census] married on 6 Jan 1794 in Amherst Co., VA to
85. ROWSEY, Dicey [C1770-1775 - aft 1840 Nelson Co., VA census].  Believed to be parents of James R. SNEED (#42).

86. HATTER, John Matthews [bef 1760 - 1820 (bef 1820 census) Nelson Co., VA] married (c1776-77?) in VA to
87. COLEMAN, Mary [c1751-61 (Goochland Co.?) VA - (c1821-30 Nelson Co., VA?)].  Known children: James, Samuel M., John C., Jane / Jean FORBES, Benjamin, Nancy PARROCK, William, Lucy SNEED, Jesse L., Mary "Polly" SNEED and Joseph.

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