Ancestors of Samuel Taylor Whitaker

Samuel Taylor WHITAKER (married Elizabeth WILLIAMS, daughter of Richard WILLIAMS
and Elizabeth CARR)

Son of
John WHITAKER (1732 Warwick Co., VA - 26 Aug 1781 Halifax Co., NC) and Olive
TAYLOR (daughter of Samuel TAYLOR and Cela ______)

Son of
John WHITAKER (1694 Warwick Co., VA - c1748-49) and Martha GOUGH (daughter of
Rev. (William or John) GOUGH and Alice THACKER)

Son of
Capt. Richard WHITAKER (before 1645 Warwick Co., VA - c1700-04 Warwick Co., VA)
and Elizabeth ______ [Doris Ross Johnston's web site has his first wife as Elizabeth
PYLAND (no issue) and second wife as Elizabeth CREW.]

Son of
Col. William WHITAKER (c1617-18 Surry Co., England - c1662 James City Co., VA)
and ______  [Doris Ross Johnston's web site has his wife as Mary Elizabeth CAMM.]

Son of
Capt. Jabez WHITAKER (6 Dec 1595 Lambeth, England - 1626 or aft 1649) and Mary
BOURCHIER (daughter of Sir John BOURCHIER)  [Emigrated to the Jamestown
Colony]  [For more on Mary BOURCHIER's ancestry, see the web sites maintained
by Richard MacIntyre and Doris Ross Johnston (her site also has more information
on the WHITAKERs), as well as many other sites and books published on the
ancestors of early American colonists, royalty families, Magna Carta Surety
descendants, and descendants of Charlemagne.]

Son of
Dr. / Rev. William WHITAKER (c1548-49 Lancashire, England - 4 Dec 1595)
[He was married first to Miss CULVERWELL, daughter of Nicholas CULVERWELL,
and second to Joan (TAYLOR?), widow of Dr. Dudley FENNER.  It is not known
which wife was the mother of Jabez.  Jabez and his brother Alexander came to
America.  Rev. Alexander WHITAKER was known as "The Apostle of Virginia" and
"The Apostle of the Indians."  He baptized Pocahontas and officiated at the marriage
of Pocahontas and John ROLFE.]

Son of
Thomas WHITAKER (1504 - 1588 (1598?)) and Elizabeth NOWELL (d. Oct 1606)
(daughter of John NOWELL, Esq. of Read, and Elizabeth KAY)

Son of
Richard WHITAKER (living at Burnley in 1543)

Son of
Thomas WHITAKER (1458 - 1529, both in Lancashire, England) and Joanna(h) _____

Son of
Robert WHITAKER, Esquire (living in 1480) and ______

Son of
Thomas WHITAKER of Holme (living in 1431) and ______

*The Whitaker Family, a typed manuscript compiled by Mary Alma Whitaker (1973).
*Our Children's Ancestry by Sarah Cantry Whitaker Allen (1935).
*Ancestral Records and Portraits, pp. 50, etc.
*History of Baldwin County, pp. 464-466.

Created by Nova A. Lemons, 2001.

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